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Each year, Sapienship selects one or two outstanding global initiatives to endorse -- be it through championing the cause or offering a financial contribution

Responsible Development of AI

The year 2023 saw unprecedented breakthroughs in AI (artificial intelligence), which exploded into the public's consciousness with generative models like ChatGPT, Dalle-E and Midjourney. In response to these dramatic developments, Sapienship and its founders closely supported multiple initiatives to raise awareness of the risk posed by AI and the need to conduct its development and regulation responsibly. In a campaign fronted Sapienship's co-founder Prof. Yuval Noah Harari, we partnered with leading AI scientists like Yoshua Bengio and Geoffrey Hinton, and organizations that include the Center for Humane Technology, Frontiers Forumthe UN, and Future of Life Institute – to facilitate public conversations, lectures, articles and position papers, highlighting the threat from advanced AI systems and proposing urgent priorities for AI R&D and governance.

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In late 2022, Sapienship and its founders donated to campaign to help protect Ukraine's electricity grid – and its heating system – in the dead of winter. Unfortunately this infrastructure has been under Russian attack, as the appalling war continues in Eastern Europe. The fundraising campaign was initiated by Prof. Timothy Snyder, for United24.

To donate to this campaign, visit

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UNICEF Ukraine

In 2022, Sapienship and its founders, Itzik Yahav and Yuval Noah Harari, donated $310,000 to UNICEF Ukraine – to support humanitarian relief during the sad and senseless war in the country.

We strongly believe in joining forces globally to support people and the environment, and we do not take for granted that international institutions like UNICEF exist. After all, these organizations came into being as a result of the lessons learned from previous devastating wars.

To donate to this cause, visit

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2% More for climate change

In 2022, Sapienship's research led us to call on politicians to invest an additional 2% of Global GDP in preventing catastrophic climate change.

The concept:

  • If humanity invests just an extra 2% of Global GDP in clean energy, that would be enough to prevent the worst climate change scenarios
  • Shifting 2% of the budget from here to there is what politicians do all the time. So we should pressure them to just do their job
  • It's a clear and feasible target that leaves room for optimism – 2% more to save our future
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Sustainable Investments

In 2021, Sapienship made financial investments related to tackling the biggest global challenges — with an emphasis on ecological collapse.

A third of the investment sum has been dedicated to innovations in animal-free food products, including cultured meat and lab-grown milk.

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The World Health Organization

In April 2020, Yuval Noah Harari and Itzik Yahav, together with Sapienship, donated $1 Million to the World Health Organization (WHO).

We chose to support the WHO because of its leading role as an organization that gathers, checks and globally disseminates life-saving information from all over the world. It provides the vital fuel that powers local efforts to deal with the coronavirus pandemic and is especially important for poorer nations that cannot fund independent fact-finding initiatives.

In the current global crisis our biggest enemy is not coronavirus, but the inner demons of humankind: hatred and greed. If people blame the pandemic on foreigners and minorities, and if the rich care only about their own profits – it will be much harder to overcome the situation. But if we react to the pandemic with global solidarity and generosity, we can not only defeat it more easily, but come out of this crisis stronger than ever before.

To donate to the WHO Covid-19 Solidarity Response Fund, visit

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