Exploring challenges as global citizens


Sapienship Social Channels

Big, thought-provoking ideas made accessible

The concept:

  • Social media content and discussions for anyone who enjoys diving into big questions in an entertaining way -- whether you're 12 or 112
  • Quizzes, podcasts, surprising stories, knowledge bites, quests into the future, and lots of food for thought
  • From ancient history, nature and evolution, to technological disruption, shocking true facts, and mind-blowing personal questions
  • Click the link to follow, comment and share on your preferred social media platforms

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Challenge 2050

Solution-focused cooperation between organizations and the general public

The concept:

  • Create a global community that brings together public bodies and citizens in order to solve collective near-future challenges
  • Encourage ‘Challengers’ (municipalities, governmental institutions, private organizations and academic faculties) to share current and future challenges for the general public to solve, with the year 2050 in mind 
  • Encourage ‘Solvers’ to create international research groups and post solutions, which ‘Challengers’ can then consider sponsoring or rewarding
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Expected to launch
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