Exploring challenges as global citizens

Projects in development

Knowledge Nuggets

Healthy conversations around big ideas

The concept:

  • A long-term social media campaign for teachers, students and the general public, which uses thought provoking questions to facilitate effective global conversations around the most important topics facing humanity in the 21st century.
  • Knowledge Nuggets provides educational material for workshops and classes on a variety of topics, ranging from human history and the evolution of the brain to AI and fake news - launching January 2022

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Expected to launch
Challenge 2050

Solution-focused cooperation between organizations and the general public

The concept:

  • Create a global community that brings together public bodies and citizens in order to solve collective near-future challenges
  • Encourage ‘Challengers’ (municipalities, governmental institutions, private organizations and academic faculties) to share current and future challenges for the general public to solve, with the year 2050 in mind. 
  • Encourage ‘Solvers’ to create international research groups and post solutions, which ‘Challengers’ can then consider sponsoring or rewarding.
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Expected to launch
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