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Unstoppable Us: The Escape Room

Solving the mysteries of the human species through a digital detective game

The concept:

A workshop based on Yuval Noah Harari’s book Unstoppable Us, in which students act as researchers trying to understand our connection to other animals and figure out how we took over the world. Available November 2022.

The workshop teaches:

  • The similarities and differences between humans and other animals
  • The evolutionary theory and the evolutionary tree
  • The basis of humans’ unique abilities
  • The importance of scientific methods
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Sapienship Lab

A one stop shop for educators of the 21st century

The concept:

A website designed to help teachers and educators find fun and thought provoking content and activities about the challenges of the 21st century. Launching January 2023.

The website includes:

  • Podcasts, videos, quizzes and a lexicon
  • Classroom activities for each piece of content
  • A variety of topics: technology, climate, history, nature, evolution, science and more

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Expected to launch
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