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Unstoppable Us: The Classroom Challenge

Solving the mysteries of the human species through an interactive digital workshop

The concept:

  • A classroom activity based on Yuval Noah Harari’s book Unstoppable Us
  • Students discover the connection between humans and other animals, gradually figuring out what makes our species unique and how we took over planet Earth.
  • This group challenge introduces scientific thinking and evolutionary theory in a gamified, edutaining way -- casting participants in the role of detectives.
  • Available online in early 2023.

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Expected to launch
Sapienship Lab

A one stop shop for 21st century educators

The concept:

  • A website that offers teachers and educators fun, thought-provoking, science-driven content, focusing on the challenges of the 21st century
  • Podcasts, videos, quizzes and lexicon definitions -- each accompanied by a classroom activity
  • Topics ranging from technology, climate, history and evolution, to personal agency and the future of human relationships
  • Launching in early 2023

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Expected to launch
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